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Sons and Lovers

1. Hamur
Kapak: Karton
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“Sons and Lovers” is a book which contains the simplified edition of the novel with the same title by famous author D.H. Lawrence.
In “Sons and Lovers”, D.H. Lawrence wonderfully presents human emotions like faith and hope, hate and love, lust and passion and beautifully expresses the relationship between sons and mothers.
Sis Readers (Stage 4)
Sis Readers is a series of retold and simplified stories which are classifed into 5 stages, each stage consists of 10 story books, in accordance with their degrees of difficulty. The selected stories are chosen among the world-wide known fairy tales, mythological narratives and short stories of famous authors.
This series provides students and english learners of all ages with reading materials which help them improve their reading comprehension and vocabulary skills. Each book has its own extensive exercises and dictionary.

  • Kapak Türü: Karton
  • Yayın Dili: Türkçe
  • Sayfa Sayısı: 104
  • Basım Tarihi: Ocak 2014
  • Kaçıncı Baskı: 2.Baskı
  • Son Basım Tarihi: Ağustos 2015
  • Ebat: 13,5 X 21

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