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The Scarlet Letter-Stage 6

13,93 ₺ 19,90 ₺

3 İş Günü İçinde Kargoda

95 TL ve üzeri standart teslimatlı siparişlerde kargo bedava!


The Scarlet Letter hester prynne is a woman who must live the rest of her punishment for her sin of not being faithful to her long-lost  husband,  anelderly man named chillingworth. Chillingworth torments Arthur Dimmesdale,who is a priest and the secret lover of hester, mentally and causes him to become uncomfortable in his own skin. Therefore, although hester and Arthur love each other deeply, they both believe in the existence of the great sin they carry with them. The fruit of this forbidden love, pearl, attracts everyone’s attention as a very mysterious and different child. Will the three of them be able to leave the past behind them and start a new life together or is it impossible ?

  • Kapak Türü: Karton
  • Yayın Dili: İngilizce
  • Sayfa Sayısı: 80
  • Basım Tarihi: Temmuz 2018
  • Kaçıncı Baskı: 1.Baskı
  • Son Basım Tarihi: Temmuz 2018
  • Ebat: 12,5 X 19,5

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